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"RHF's Roxy Sue"
RHF's Roxy Sue RHF's Roxy Sue
RHF's Roxy Sue

Name: Sold RHF's Roxy Sue
Sire: Wee Ones Tyger - Dark Brown & White Spot 33 1/4
Dam: Dusty Tails Farm Powder Puff - Gray & White Spot 33
DOB: 10/25/2008
Height: 34
Color: Gray-Dun, Black Muzzle
Gender: Jennet
Description: What a pretty NLP jennet! Roxy was our first Gray donkey. Roxy's sire is the infamous Wee One's Tyger. She is a well put together jenny. Great personality to go along with Great conformation.

Roxy is bred to The Elms Bandolero for the Spring 2017. She is close to foaling so she would have to stay here until she delivers. A deposit will hold her until foal is old enough to travel. Act now as her price for her and her foal may increase if she has a spotted jenny foal.