Five Oaks Assets
"Ass-pirin Acres Patchwork"
Ass-pirin Acres Patchwork Ass-pirin Acres Patchwork

Name: Ass-pirin Acres Patchwork
Sire: Sunset Acres Hoops - Black NLP 31 1/2
Dam: RVB EC Promise - Brown and White Spot 33
DOB: 8/17/2006
Height: 32 1/2
Color: Dark Brown and White Spot
Gender: Jennet
Description: Patch is being sold as a pet although she has been exposed to Acorn for Spring 2019. We have tried to breed her for 3 years without success. Maybe you will be the lucky one??

Patch is a very sweet and pretty donkey that would make a great pet.

Thanks repeat buyers, the Plummer's, in Pennsylvania!