Five Oaks Assets
"The Elms Pink Phlox"
The Elms Pink Phlox The Elms Pink Phlox

Name: Sold The Elms Pink Phlox
Sire: MGF Fiftyfire - Red roan 31 1/2
Dam: Merry-Go-Round's Ellie-May - Light red 32
DOB: 4/15/2007
Height: 32 3/8
Color: Light Red
Gender: Jennet
Description: Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!! As soon as we saw this girl we knew we had to have her. Pink Phlox is the perfect name for this little girl. Phloxy's coat is so light it's almost pink. Her pink coat is set off by a bold dark red cross and very distinct leg garters.

Phloxy has become a family favorite. She is the donkey always requesting attention, pushing the others out of the way to get a little petting.

We have decided to sell Phloxy because she really needs to be in a breeding program that is concentrating on sorrel. She has an extensive, great pedigree!

Phloxy has been bred to The Elms Bandolero for a Spring 2018 foal.

Sold to Wee Ones Miniature Donkey Farm in Tennessee. Thank You!!!