Five Oaks Assets
Hank Hank

Name: Sold Hank
DOB: 2015
Height: 13H 52"
Color: Very Dark Brown/Black
Gender: Gelding
Description: Look at those wooly worms in his ears!! Hank is a Poitou Donkey. He's not 100% as he sheds some of his longer hair in the Summer. At one point we had both of his parents and were going to keep him as a pet but we just don't have the room. He is very easy going and super friendly. He really has no vices.
Hank has been a great companion for one of our jacks for the winter and really gets along with all of our equine. Even though he was with our horses and donkeys he definitely prefers to be with other donkeys.

Because he is mostly Poitou he's not considered mature until 5. He would be able to carry a rider but not until next year. We always thought Hank would look adorable pulling a cart??????

Hank has moved to his new home with Jane in Virginia!