Five Oaks Assets
"Five Oaks ASSets Daisy"
Five Oaks ASSets Daisy Five Oaks ASSets Daisy
Five Oaks ASSets Daisy

Name: Sold Five Oaks ASSets Daisy
Sire: The Elms Bandolero - Dark Brown and White Spot 31 3/4
Dam: TMD Thom-Ass Moes A GoGo Girl - Red/Brown and White Spot 35 3/4
DOB: 4/29/2013
Height: 34 1/2
Color: Brown and White Spot
Gender: Jennet
Description: Daisy is a well put together pretty spotted donkey. She is bred to FOA Black Walnut for a Spring 2017 foal.

Daisy is registered as a Brown and White Spot but you be the judge of that. These pictures were taken about a month after being clipped.

Staying in Ohio! Thank you Helton Family!!!