Five Oaks Assets
"Five Oaks ASSets Acorn"
Five Oaks ASSets Acorn Five Oaks ASSets Acorn
Five Oaks ASSets Acorn

Name: Five Oaks ASSets Acorn
Sire: The Elms Mr. Independence - Red 29 1/2
Dam: Merry-Go-Round's Clementine - Dark Brown 32
DOB: 5/6/2012
Height: 31 1/2
Color: Dark Red
Description: Acorn is a well put together Red Jack. Perfect conformation along with a spectacular personality. He was the first donkey born at our place so needless to say he has had a lot of time spent with him.

We have had quite a few foals from Acorn now and we have been pleased with their conformation and personalities.