Five Oaks Assets
"Five Oaks ASSets Dahlia"
Five Oaks ASSets Dahlia Five Oaks ASSets Dahlia
Five Oaks ASSets Dahlia

Name: Five Oaks ASSets Dahlia
Sire: The Elms Bandolero - Dark Brown/White Spot 31 3/4
Dam: Merry-Go-Rounds Clementine - Dark Brown 32
DOB: 3/16/2014
Color: Dark Brown
Gender: Jennet
Description: Our first foal of the season! We were surprised to say the least when we saw this little beauty standing in the barn on our barn cam.
As everyone knows, this past winter was a cold one. In a matter of minutes her fur was iced up. She has done more than just survive being born while it was so cold.
With an extensive pedigree full of black, red, dark brown, and spots Dahlia could really be a special brood jennet.
In her foal pictures she looked as if she was closer to black than brown but as she's losing her "baby fur" she looks to be dark brown.

Sold to LJ and Deb at Wee One's Miniature Donkeys in Tennessee.