Five Oaks Assets
"Five Oaks ASSets Dandelion"
Five Oaks ASSets Dandelion Five Oaks ASSets Dandelion
Five Oaks ASSets Dandelion Five Oaks ASSets Dandelion

Name: Sold Five Oaks ASSets Dandelion
Sire: The Elms Bandolero - Dark Brown/White Spot 31 3/4
Dam: Little Bitty Burro Ginger - Red
DOB: 4/18/2014
Height: 21 1/2 at birth
Color: Brown/White Spot
Gender: Jack
Description: Dandelion, or Dandy, had a pretty rough start to life. His mama was a maiden Jenny and rejected him at first. Those first 24 hours were a real struggle. After lots of persistence, life is pretty "normal" now for Dandy.
Dandy is such a pretty boy. He has perfect conformation, even teeth, and a great personality! He IS a Dandy! He is Brown and White Spot with Red highlights. With good genes on his side, will he be that herdsire that will produce a red and white spot?
With so much time having been spent with Dandy so early, he is truly a special little boy. Not only is VERY VERY Sweet, but he's a looker!
Don't pass this boy up to be your next herdsire or pet as a gelding.

We are offering Dandy at a discount for $600 now before he is gelded. His price will go up to $700 after gelding. If taken with Dusty price for both before gelding is $1050.

Staying at an awesome home in Ohio!