Five Oaks Assets
"Merry-Go-Rounds Clementine"
Merry-Go-Rounds Clementine Merry-Go-Rounds Clementine

Name: Merry-Go-Rounds Clementine
Sire: LCR Valintino 75(Red Baron) - Dark Red 34
Dam: Merry-Go-Round's Jesse - Gray-Dun 31 1/4
DOB: 6/25/1997
Height: 32
Color: Dark Brown
Gender: Jennet
Description: It seems as if Clemmy only produces studs! Many of her foals have become herdsires. Our first foal from Clemmy is no exception. Acorn (DOB 5/6/2012) has yet to be decided on but the way it looks right now he may be one of our future herdsires.

Now living in West Virginia