Five Oaks Assets
"Five Oaks ASSets Clover"
Five Oaks ASSets Clover Five Oaks ASSets Clover
Five Oaks ASSets Clover Five Oaks ASSets Clover

Name: Sold Five Oaks ASSets Clover
Sire: The Elms Bandolero - Dark Brown and White Spotted - 31 3/4
Dam: TMD Thom-Ass Moes A GoGo Girl - Red/Brown and White Spotted - 35 3/4
DOB: 3/11/15
Color: Brown and White Spot
Gender: Jack
Description: Our first foal of the season and what a surprise! He definitely came at least a month early. We had just separated mom from the herd thinking she had a good 6 weeks until she was to deliver when a few days later we were pleasantly surprised as we started our morning feeding.

Not only is he correctly put together but he's also a looker.

Do you have visions of spots running around your fields? Don't let his favorable price fool you----He would make a great Jack prospect or geld him and keep him as a pet. His mom is a little on the larger side (still a registered mini), but can you imagine him as a cart donkey? Possibilities are endless.

We are offering Clover for sale now for $700. His price will go up after weaning.

Now living at a wonderful home in Pennsylvania!