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"FOA Black Eyed Susan"
FOA Black Eyed Susan FOA Black Eyed Susan
FOA Black Eyed Susan

Name: Sold FOA Black Eyed Susan
Sire: FOA Acorn - Dark Red 31 1/2
Dam: The Elms Romantic Tale - Black 32 3/8
DOB: 4/2/17
Color: Black
Gender: Jennet
Description: "Susie" is a cute, well put together, petite jennet. To make room for quite a few foals due in the Spring we have decided to sell Susie. She is the full sister to FOA Hazel who is also being offered for sale. If you are looking to add to your breeding program take a look at her pedigree. Lots of well-known, great donkeys!
These are her foal pictures from last year. If it ever stops raining for more than a day I'll get updated pictures.

Staying in Ohio! Thank You Vicky Waggoner.